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Injection Or Twin Carbs Which To Use


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hi guys in the middle of xe conversion on my hatch but am coming to the stage of choosing injection or twin carbs... am thinking a lot towards a set of 45 webbers. but i dont really know alot about them. i have an early xe with coscast head :) and also i have all the dizzy set up from my 1.8 manta.. is the dizzy on the xe fine to use or do i need to swap for my 1.8 setup etc cheers

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I had twin dellorto 45's on my first XE. Made a lot of noise, not great for an every day runner, but it seemed like you had to wind them up more than the injection before you went. They probably needed set up better. The reason I'm on my second XE and have went for injection (apart from the noise) is injection has a rev limiter, the dellorto's just keep going and when I was keeping my eye on the road instead of the revs I went to about 9K and the engine became one solid lump of metal lol.

I say again, my car is an every day runner thats why I like it a bit quieter.... it did sound the jean claude van damage with the roaring carbs tho :D

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cheers for the help lads.. all taken in.

mine isnt a day runner more of a summer/show car which is why i was heading towards carbs.. but i can see where your coming from with out a limiter i have got a electronic limiter that you plum into the coil and if fully adjustable. haha and they do sound pretty sweet :D ill just have to watch those revs and not get carried away :unsure:

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Valves dancing on the pistons tell's ya to change up a gear,

I'm running carb tank (hatch) , faset pump , filter inline x2 , filter king ect,

Nice basic setup on 45's ,

Nice bark from her!!

need rollin road setup/tune tho

Roll on nice summer (well hears to hoping)

Ready to cruise ;)


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I am going with twin dellorto 40 but need to be careful what carbs you buy, mine are DHLA with no letter after that which is universal performance with 3 progression holes

40's are ok 45's are better for high rev performance

would recommend you get and read this book


the guys at Eurocarb in the UK are very helpful when it comes to jetting / parts etc

have a look at what I have been up to here


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