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Opel Manta 'sporty Door Mirrors'

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not too bad a copy i bought some a while ago, even though they where slagged off you get what you pay for.

englemanns are cheap as chips if you go to netherlands auto jumbles i saw loads last year at dronton show in various conditions.

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You get what you pay for, as I only deal in Genuine Engelmann mirrors the difference in quality is like night and day I will not entertain the cheap Chinese copies and spend a good bit of time and effort sourcing the real thing, and I get a lot of enquiries espescially for the mounting blocks for the cheap Chinese tat as they are so brittle, that's why they are dropping off of the cars! mind you sometimes I wonder why I bother when you get statements like the one below!

I reckon Englemans are way over priced for what they actually are this seems to be compounded by the fact that certain people buy them up at a reasonable price only to bump up the price and sell them on to fellow clubs members at a profit !! foul play if you ask me after all isnt being a member of the club suppose to help locate these rare parts not get ripped off by some 'make a quick buck middle man' ???

D********** let us know how you get on with these pattern part mirrors as im keen to find a cheaper way of having englemans too

In reply to that comment above, I don' t see him sourcing any mirrors parts or anything else for that matter!

Also before buying the Chinese tat check the neutral and negative feedback ratings people have left regarding them then see if your still keen to part with the cash :lol:

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