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After my findings of rot on the chassis legs and floor I've decided to revaluate my situation . I was initially hoping to have the car ready soon but I know it's not going to be ready any time soon. To do a proper job I need the engine out and I'm thinking now of a full strip down and putting it on a spit to make life easier welding the underside and painting. 

In the mean time I gutted out the garage, tidied it and a run to the recycle centre today to make space for the big strip down.

Im putting this on the back burner for now. I've got this other manta I got before Christmas. It's the Saab engined track car that's been for sale a few time over the last few years.  I don't really want to have both at the same time. My plan was finish and sell one before I start the other. But at this rate it's going to be another summer and winter without a run in my car, it's kinda peeing me off  Anyway It's stored been away since I got it off the trailer but I went for a quick look on Friday and it's in useable condition as it sits.

Next weekend maybe get it out see what it need for MOT and a run down the road 😆😆

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  • Sounds like plan! 

To make life easier, see hermans thread, its easier to reove engine on front subframe. Leave gearbox on also. 

Either make or buy chassis legs, replace both, while your at it. Spit moves life easier.

Here is a template, not sure what scale, but once you get the scale, maybe work on width, should give you length. A print shop should be able to print template.

Ah, so thats where the saab engine manta went to, you need to get a few pics up, maybe a different thread. Hey get it on the road, cat need too much.

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Had a look at Herman's. That's what made me think it's best just to get the engine out and do it right. Yeah I'll do both legs as I suspect the other side to be the same.

I'll get some photos next week. From what I can see the wheel studs are too short and it's got a hydraulic handbrake no mechanical. Get a better look when I get more time.

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