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Bolt size


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9 hours ago, penyghent said:

Cheers, what does iirc stand for please.

iirc is 'If i remember correctly'

They are M14 bolts originaly as Andy says they have a castle nut and split pin end to them. But i normally replace with a straight bolt and nylock nut

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2 hours ago, penyghent said:

Cheers, its meant to be M14 from what i've learnt, but my new chassis leg has a 12 mm hole which i'm reluctant to drill out. So I'm going to get the bushes sleeves made with a 12mm hole, hopefully this will be strong enough.

Do you want me to look out and measure an A series one? im sure i have one in my box of bolts.

The chassis leg should be sleeved to stop it collapsing. Torque nut to 58 ft lbs

Here is a pic of the A setup.




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Hey Mark

Just picked this up. Let me take a look first thing in the morning for you and let you know. That i had one knocking about, not sure on the nut but will take a look and let you now firsdt thing tomorrow.



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For detail information about bolt types and size you can visit following websites.


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