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Non-exclusive 1988 (E) GTE coupe..

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Just spotted this on marketplace. An MOTed and road-going coupe is a bargain at £4k isn't it? He also has a roof skin available, along with the exclusive bits separately.

I'd have it myself, but I'm one of those oddities: a hatchback man.. (memories/nostalgia of the mantas I remember in the 80s)

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Yep, late GTE, surprising it sold late being black, first GTE ive seen with side repeaters and a sunroof, basicially a exclusive without the quads and rear spoiler, comes with the exclusive extra benefit, problem sunroof! 

Those sunroofs where not a great idea

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Just like today, you can get overlaps in registrations. You can have a D-reg exclusive and an E-reg standard, the registrations aren't necessarily the order the car was manufactured. We see this all the time in my line of work. A downside of these later cars though is having to wait quite a while for the free tax and MOT status—that's made me love my Cavalier even more, but I'd jump on the first Y or A reg Manta hatch I see for sale in the next couple of years!

I think the rarity of this GTE is that it's original, but the 1.8 coupes are more scarce due to the affinity we used to have for redtop/C20XE conversions.

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