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76 Coupe ( Hovis )


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Here we go again, now that the dirty escort has gone I can finally start the refurb of the newly named Hovis, R lass says it looks good cos its old, but dunt brake down all the time cos ive put loads of new bits on, " best of both ". Anyway im going to finish this one i hope, Heres some pic,


just arrived.........


Started taking all the bright work off and did abit off digging in the corners.


decided to paint the roof, took me about three hours to get all the glue off.........


and guess what I found.......... not too bad though, the 88 i did was alot worse.


Beefed up brakes still look good 8 months on, more posts to come.....................................................................................

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Been at it again, took all the interear out carpets etc looking for rot and there isnt any, wish the exclusive i did was the same...........



Taking the wings off i was expecting the worst but was very supprised only to find abit of rot on the wings and just one spot on the n/s inner wing at the top...



she dunt look too bad, considering she was put together in 1975, even the inner wings are mint :-)..........


" Turn the welder off then, dont need it here either " :-)

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Not done alot on Hovis for a few days as ive been on nights, anyway managed to get the car stripped, all glass out and doors off, Had to modify a hinge pin removing tool with a ground down nut as in the kit one of the ends was too small and the next one was too big,


Ive decided to do abit at a time as theres nothing worse than looking at what was once your pride and joy in bits, first job is the windscreen corners and the very tops of the wings


Etch primed ready for the painter to fill,


Going to keep going like this as it spurs you on when abit more is done................

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Been at it again, Hovis is full of suprises, going round it making sure theres no hidden rot as i dont want owt to come through once its been painted, decided to investigate whats under a plate thats on the near side sill,


and you guessed it, ROT !!!!!!!!!!! wasnt impressed,


so after a night on the beer, satdy morning was welding day, All the inner structures wanted replacing and im going to use a wheel arch and a new sill to get the shape back as i had to cut a fairly large hole to repair the inside


only other bits i found was a tiny hole at the bottom of the A post and a bit at the side of the head light



All sorted just waiting for the panels to come off Fliebay, and check out these bad boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There going to make some noise and drink some fuel, going to mock them up on a spare head cos i dont want to disable the car just yet..............

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Oh that is a nice B series you have got there, with the old headlights and all..

You could consider giving it the GT/E look ;)



Throw on a 60mm lowering kit, and some nice 7x13" ATS Classics, or BBS :) Of course with all new(er) tech where it doesnt show like engine, 5 speed gearbox etc.. I just love the look of those old GT/E´s :)

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A bit more done on Hovis, hand made inner arch, bit of a pain


then the outer,


Theres some grinding and some filler to go in but wobbly steel is better than straight ginger biscuit.......

going to put door and wing back on and line everything up and ive made a plastic wheel arch linner and if it works ill post some pictures... :-0

Wheel arch linner for the front that is ...............

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Meanwhile... back in the land of " ive only got two hours a week to spend in the garage, and when i do the wife wants to do something "......After some low life broke in to my lock up and took everything that was metal !!!!!!!!!!!! ive managed to do abit more on Hovis, all the near side is done, wing repaired and put back on etc


I did abit on the rear


The holes only start of small but when youve cleaned them up they are 4 times the size


All done, while it was in the air I fitted a GTE side skirt to see what it would look like and I think I like it, what do you think ???????


Dont want to keep putting pictures of welding sodding plates on as I'm sure we've all seen our fair share if you own an old car, but the work continues........

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Twice in as many days, must be a record or the wife has given up nagging me ....... Anyway ive chosen the colour, had a rattle can made up and painted the wing..



Its called WarDance, its what they used to paint the Avenger Tiger in 1972 and is pretty close to the Genral Lee, Also put the carbs on as it was late and didnt want to anoy the nieghboughs, but couldnt resist starting it, and boy is it loud, serves the nieghboughs right for cutting the sodding grass at 08.30 on a sunday morning !!!!!!!!!!


Who needs brakes........... :-/

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Looks good Mick, There was an Avenger Tiger at Retro rides meet a couple of months ago and the colour will suit a Manta ( old car- old colour ) Make sure you cover those new carbs up with something if you plan on leaving them in place whilst doing the bodywork. If you get any overspray on them, you'll be spewing.

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Dont worry they will be coming off, going to have to put the master cylinder and servo behind the light, once I've mocked it up the carbs will come off, I've also got a new rocker cover, got it off Fliebay and it's got a Wilcox plate on it, should look good, trying not to get side tracked as I need to concentrate on the body work .

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Got abit more done, repair the chasis, inner wing, corner of the windscreen and a couple of patches behind the headlamps,


soon be ready for paint prep, heres a picture of PGW 978R that i used to own in 1989, its was my first car, my missus and my mother stood by her side,


also got this rocker cover off Fliebay, should look good........


workin g till the weekend so hopefully spending sat and sun on it then all welding should be done .................

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done abit more, I keep getting carried with the grinder though,


the car has had a scrape sometime in its long life which i new about, but didn't know they had used about two tonne of filler


and surprise surprise i made a great big hole... Im now waiting for a pair of wheel arches coming off Fliebay so i mounted the servo and it went quite well.


universal track rod end gaiter works well to seal the bulk head


get the wheel arch finished then its body prep time.....

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