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Free Gifts At The Nw Pub Meet On Friday

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Should be on. It's been at the same pub for the past 15 years.

Boddintons arms. A59 Preston

Opposite the BA factory.

1st Friday of every month, hail, rain or shine we turn up.

See mantadaves famous carpark manta 400 doughnuts on YouTube ;-)

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i requested it to be put on calender but it only went on once, i dont know how to do it myself.

come on kev tell tell tell what you bringing what you bringing, i am so excited i cant wait.

dog321fish the pub is a premier inn and buy two meals for a tenner or two mixed grills for fifteen.

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Thanks Kevin for venue and date. but what Time?

Manta magic is for members only, so prospective members will not find out about these events? unless they ask!

Join you dont know what your missing :D its just off the m6 so easy to get to. Dan

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Big Dogs Bollards, for some reason I thought :blink: it was next friday........doh.................. :ph34r: , must have got it mixed up with East Midlands every 2nd Thursday :wacko: .

Kev, I will contact you reference the bits you have on hold for me, and arrange collection this week sometime.



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