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400 Kitted Gte Exclusive For Sale


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Hi guys,

Due to a change in my life the manta that I have owned for the last 13 years has to go.

She is an 88 Gte Exclusive with full 400 kit fitted....in Monaco blue.....full Blitz interior ( From an i200 ) and also kitted out with a Vaux Astra Lcd dash, red top 16v engine....Revolution alloys and an up and over electric sunroof, with a few other little extras as well!

The car has been stood in my garage for the last 7 years, rolled out every month and started up and left running for 15-20 mins at a time. She will require some tidying up and some attention to the body work as the paint in a few places has reacted after work that was carried out (nothing major....replacement sills and swan necks ), and she has a few garage scratches...again, nothing major!

If your interested PM me with an email address and I will fire some pics over.

I am looking for offers in the region of 3 k.....the interior and wheels must be worth that alone.

Thanks for taking time to read this......


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3k??? 3k???? foook me BARGAIN.. WHY IS THIS STILL HERE??? 400 KITTED 16V BLITZ?? if i dint have 2 already this one would be sat next to my blue hatch..

Shit pictures would be my guess.

It's a really good cheap car at that money but if the fish can't see the hook they don't bite

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