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New Engine Ideas..


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my hatch is having another engine. im after loads of straight line speed for drag racing.

im almost made my mind up on the ls1 gen 3 engine which im hoping will fit in.

has anyone done this conversion?

any other ideas for a fast mofo manta transplant?

im not wanting to go turbo as ive already got 1 of them..


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LS1 was my first choice into a manta, but we have licensing laws here where maximum engine capacity is based on the weight of the car, so in the Mantas case that makes it a maximum capacity of 5100cc (based on 1085kg)

So I have had to opt for the 1UZFE

LS1 is a lot smaller than the 1UZ


Similar weight engines but 270kw stock from LS1 vs 191kw stock from 1UZ.

Doesn't really bother me I just want a casual cruiser

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am thinking it will fit with standard sump on.

some tunnel and bulk head work tho. you can also get these in 4.8l 300bhp as standard and good for 1200bhp with turbos.

which is scary:)))

rotary engine looks a great conversion as well. its amazing what you can get out of a 1300cc motor:)

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What are your plans for this car?

Is it to be road registered, or purely a drag car and setup as such?

How quick is quick?

LS1s are dirt cheap here so a viable option, not sure how much they in UK

1UZ V8s are cheapish in the UK and with single turbo put out decent power (easy 10s in a Manta) and are getting quite popular for engine transplants.

2jz Toyota straight 6 produce massive reliable power for cheap.

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If you can pick up the LS1's in the UK cheapish then thats the motor to go for I reckon, they are all alloy and quite light, and have great aftermarket support so getting parts or upgrades is easy.

Heres a 1000hp blown LS Monaro at a 1000m runway event I raced at recently

Whats scary about that? :)

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Mate of mine has a 5.0 mustang motor in his mk2 cortina. Was about 375bhp before he put the blower and nitrous on!!! We'll see what it is when it comes back from being set up. Best way to do this conversion is to get hold of a Fox body mustang has the beefy t5 box and 8" rear axle, loads of cheap bit's for these Inc lsd's

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I always fancied the 300zx engine 290 bhp standard trim very light and reliable, the only issue is the 5 speed gearbox is prone to some nasty noises in second gear, but you can get a 6 speed conversion .those crazy japanese get silly power fron these engines. They even have variable exhaust valve timing .

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Nice no doubt, but he will have spent bulk cash on that motor........and for only 570hp.

Any number of 2nd hand Jap engines will reliably pump that number out for a fraction of the cost

Keep it simple and cheap I reckon...........jap engine or LS1 ;)

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I don't know much about these LR4 engines to be honest but just had a quick read


Seem to produce some good numbers powerwise, but the downsides are they are truck based motors (?) and are an Iron block design, so heavy.

Maybe look into the Lexus 1UZFE then?

Bolt a cheap single turbo to it and even on standard internals you can make some great HP from them, this guys getting 640rwHP on standard internals.

VERY popular over here atm for conversions, theres a heap of guys on an Australian forum I am on sticking turbo 1UZ's into everything from 240 Volvo's, Ford Falcon (9.09 qtr), Hilux, Commodores (400rwKW) Silvias and Capri's (8.34 qtr)...and everything but the Capri is a fairly low budget build on standard internals

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