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Opel Manta B Sr 25K Miles 1980 £4850


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Deposit Taken - SOLD




Opel Manta B  SR

English Red
2.0S Engine
25,670 miles
The Manta is a very late chrome bumper single slot grill Coupe which are very rare with most surviving Manta B’s being the later twin slot plastic bumper GTE models. 
The Manta B’s were produced from 1975 to late 1979 with chrome bumpers. 
Full 12 months MOT with no advisories 
Registered on 1st February 1980 it was owned by Low's Opel of Shawlands Glasgow from new as a demonstrator before being sold to it’s 2nd owner in October 1980 when it was 8 months old who lived 2 miles from the Dealer. 
It was owned by him owner for 14 years then bought by it’s 3rd owner in 1994 who lived in the next street where their homes backed onto each other. 
In 2005 he moved house 4 miles away and kept it for 18 years. It was rarely used after he moved and then garaged until 2012. 
It was then bought by the previous owner who was asked by a relative of the old man if he would interested in the car as she knew he was interested in old cars. 
He got it back on the road – strangely only 14 miles from the last owner's new address. 
NGA 789 V had stayed within 20 miles of the supplying Dealer in Glasgow before the 250 mile change to Yorkshire.
Work completed to return it to the road and to date included the following: 
New Water Pump. 
New Fuel pump.
New GM Varijet2 Carburetor. 
4 x New Shock Absorbers. 
Electronic Ignition fitted. 
5 x New Tyres. 
5 x Original ATS Wheels Powder coated. 
New Brakes and Discs. 
New ATE Brake Master Cylinder. 
Full re spray due to faded paint with photographs of the preparation for the re spray available showing it's pre condition. 
New replacement vinyl roof fitted. 
New Front Windscreen.
The mileage of 25,670 miles is backed up by 19 previous MOT Certificates and history file including details of all previous owners.
The car has had no replacement panels fitted to my knowledge and has it’s original sills. 
Chassis swan necks have not been welded with a underside inspection during the MOT today shows them to be perfect as is the floor areas - there is a good thin coating of wax oil on the underside
Front Inner Wings & Boot Floor are perfect with no welding.
No sunroof is fitted so none of the Manta roof corrosion problems. 
The interior is in very good original condition with no sun bleaching including the carpets with floor mats fitted since new. 
(Above Photo of rear seats & carpet looks faded but they are the same bright colour as the fronts )
A new period radio cassette and new roof aerial is fitted. 
Car runs on unleaded with the addition of a additive into the fuel tank when you fill up - with the engine of such a low mileage there was no need to replace the valve seats. 
The car has a full MOT until January 2016 and the road fund license valid until April 2015 which cannot be transferred to the next owner, but will allow the car to be driven home. 
Car has some nice period fittings such as dealer rear sticker, dealer number plates & tax disc which were reproduced from the originals.
Car is located 5 miles East of York with a good transport link to the railway station, a direct bus route passes through our village. 
I can provide the bus timetable from York Station which is every hour & takes 30 mins.
York has good road network to all Motorways, the A1 / M1 is 20 min plus M62 25 mins travel distance.
York is a nice day out with a good Park and Ride link 10 mins from my house into the City. 
Viewing is recommended - it is well worth it  I am very flexible to times as on a period of leave at present. 
Fully understand that travelling to view a car can be a time consuming process so should you require detailed photographs of any area of the car before travelling – message me with an e mail address to have the photographs forwarded. 
Should you buy the car a deposit of £250 Cash would be required and balance of Payment can be by either Cleared Cheque, Bank Transfer or Cash. 
No Paypal or Credit Cards due to high fees for the final payment.
I have a selection of rare NOS Spares for sale which will be offered to the purchaser at extra cost should they be interested.
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That's a beauty Neil, how come you're selling it? The boot spoiler maybe is not my cup of tea, but it's a stunning looking car mate, good luck, worth every penny for a low mileage B like that.

Working abroad means the Manta is sitting in storage more than on the road so decided to give someone the chance to use it.

It would be only used for 2 months in a year as I don't use it in the winter and away for most of the summers.


Spoiler on the boot was due to come off in the summer - I have paint to respray the boot (which goes with the car when sold ) but actually it grew on me so kept it on - a bit like the old XR 3's.


MOT Guy today had the rest of the garage team underneath it as he couldn't believe the condition for a 35 year old car, as they see 5 year old moderns failing  :P

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I have been asked when the car was up for sale why the paint was so shiny.


Claybar the car with plenty of water - 4 coats of Autosmart Carnauba & Candeliila Wax gives it a 'wet look'.   http://www.autosmart.co.uk/WAX.html


Wax is about £25 a tub & should last about 20 wax applications - the more you put on the better is.


My last car was like this too (sold to a collector in Malta )




Going down memory lane - this what happens when you buy panels to restore car car & go too far but don't wax ! ( gone into Gillette's when restorer bent the shell )



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I was a mechanic in Lows Garage at the time this car was sold. I think it was used by old Elsie Low while it was a demonstator so it didn't do many miles but Icant remember who bought it afterwards.this brings back memories



Have a look at this thread - I had all the owners details & it never left Glasgow until June 14 & is now in Reading.

stayed local to Shawlands all it's life.



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I actually quite like the spoiler, saw this in the flesh at Billing this year, if it ever comes up for sale again I would love first dibs. Lol.


 Said the man who said he would never have another Manta, i told you i would not forget you saying that.


 If you want a perfect Manta buy Ben Williamsons show winning two Slot ( scribe of lincoln on here )

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I would happily buy his bronze B SR, As it was me who sold it to him!! I would love to be re acquainted with that car, still have huge affection for it.

The blue B as nice as it is doesn't do it for me to be honest, I love the whole vynil roof, ATS wheels and velour interior thing, and especially in that colour.

But I have to concede Ian, the Manta bug has bitten again!!

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Epic thread bump.

But perfect example of how to sell a car, what a great ad!

Beautiful example to ;)

Would this one be the best example of this model around?

Certainly looks bether than mine.

epic bargain aswell B)

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I had a good look round it at Billing, it was very nice indeed, Love a nice B series SR coupe.

I wish I had kept a couple of mine in the past, I wouldn't be looking for one now if I had. But that's life!!

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