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Bonnet release...


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After 39 years I think the car is taking the p1ss now, thinking I will swap the plugs & make a start hunting down why pot 1 is giving a sooty plug, I can't get the darn, damn, dirty, rotter bonnet catch to release.

Any suggestions?

I have covered the car up & closed the garage... I know this won't help but it stopped me swearing at it. 🤐


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Pop the handle off the top mount and then pull with mole grips. It’s probably just stretched that tiny bit too much now and needs to have a little adjustment, so will need to pulled ‘out’ a little more. 
was same on my Ascona after a few pulls when I got it.

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yes cable is only retained at the bonnet end by a flimsy clamp so could work loose. if none of the suggestions above help then you can just undo the actual cable mounting inside the car ( its just a nut behind the braket) and this will allow you to pull it more but it prob wont come to that.

after that then yes just check adjustment/ lubrication with bonnet up and make sure the spring on the pin ( on bonnet) is not broken and also that the 2 rubber bonnet stop screws are not screwed too far in. 

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I had to resort to drastic measures with mine.image.thumb.jpeg.3322911d913942794ebde98516cc80a8.jpeg


However the car had sat for years in a back garden.


As said above have someone push the bonnet down whilst you pull the cable or can you reach up under the front bumper (assuming it's chrome bumper) or remove the front bumper and access the catch to unbolt it from the body?

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