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Monaco Blue 400R


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Hi All

Should be getting my GTE Exclusive Shell back tomorrow, sporting a 400R kit and a fresh coat of paint.

It's been worked on for some time now, by the guys at Wizbang Fabrications (as and when to keep the cost down ;) )

Here are some of the pictures I received this week of it :thumbup





10 Months to go for Billing.

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awesome mate:) i love monaco blue. :thumbup:thumbup

Is that going to be the colour of your new project aswell, I was inspired by your hatch R1 :)

looks nice , they seem to do some good work , one of the lads from the chevette owners group just got his car back at that looks superb as well .

good luck with the rebuild cool.gif

Yeh they are top blokes, it was Steve Titmus (Titson) that told me about them.

Nice, not a lot of monaco blue 400 around and they look great :thumbup

I was thinking of Astro Silver as I love that colour (as well as monaco blue), but my missus reminded me when I bought it was that I always loved that blue :rolleyes:

Looks nice mate, they've done a good job. Looks like you're gonna need some rims to fill them arches now!!

Like most others the 15" Revolutions are on my shopping list (Black and Silver)


looking good,how have the arches been finished on outside,between panel+arch?


If you are refering to the rears, the arches were cut back and plating and fibre glass was used to fill in the gap. I hope to get some more photos up soon.

Ooooo can't wait to see this at billing next year!!! What boots are you going to put on it???


A lot of work now, just working out where to start.

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Been slowly getting all my parts together and to the garage the car is now stored in to work on.

I haven't got much done to it this week, as every time I start people keep coming up to me and saying how they like Manta's, and how you don't see many now. In no way is it a complaint, I find it great that people still remember them :thumbup and like them. :thumbup

Anyhow here are some more pictures of the shell :)




How the rear arches are filled.



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looking tidy,arch infills look good,15"wheels fill arches?

16"s at least?


If I go down the Revolution Wheels route (99.99% I am) the biggest they do is 15". I do have 40mm Lowering springs which well hopefully help.

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ive got 16" revos.

not sure if they still make em tho


Nice wheels I think they still make them in 9 x 16", but I am after the ones in the picture (above), have always been a favourite of mine since my mate had some on his SRB in 1990.

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Roll on Billing 2012 and seeing another great looking Manta. :thumbup

Cheers Rab, 2012 Billing is what I am aiming for. I have got a few of the guys from the base whom are willing to assist. One has a Yellow Manta A 16V :thumbup Which is going to be great when fitting my 16V.

Got myself a metal framed gazebo with canvas sides, to which I will use to camp at Billing in 2012. With it being same weekend as F1, I don't think I will get a cheap B&B as I would have had last year. (R.I.P. Kath).

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Nice to see this finally coming together dude!


I like it ;) I reckon the paint work would double as a shaving mirror ;) It's looking grand :thumbup

Thanks guys, hope to get some work done on it tomorrow.

I have had my spare front axle beam and most of the components powdercoated, hope to start on that tomorrow.

Was hoping to get the rear axle back this weekend, but it aint ready. The guy has only had it 5-6 Months :blink:

Still got loads to do, but loads of inspiration from all you guys and posts. Just need to spend more time on the car and less time on here :blink::rolleyes::D (only allowed ten emoticons).

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Got booked in Travellodge Northampton / Wootton down A45 for next year 3 nights £145.90. and discount ask thi wife! :rolleyes: got for £120.00. sorted, worth a try. Gazbo, a few year back ended putting it over the `i` and me for awe bit owe shade roastin that year. :)

cheers rab.

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  • 1 month later...

This post and car progression had been on the back burner for the last two months, with moving home.

I will be back on to it next week with some help from guys who work on the base.

Got my roof lining from Lenk (Carbon Car) Tuning, and other items from guys of the forum (sutty, kev and colin), while I have been of the project. :thumbup

Still haven't got my rear axle yet from powdercoating :unsure:

There is one problem though, I have had to move in to a B&B, which is Pub, I will have to be strong will'd and sober :rolleyes::blink:

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  • 5 weeks later...

God I am not very good at keeping updated on this project. Pictures are not the best, new smart phone :blink:

19-20th Oct Rebuilt Front Axle, with Superpro bushes, new upper and lower ball joints. Hubs fitted (Mick). Top axle to chassis rail mounts in a solution of Deox-C.


23rd Oct. Removed FWD sump and oil pump feeder pipe. Cut the baffle pipe to fit RWD (1.8 Sump). Fitted 1.8 oil pump feeder pipe. Rubber gasket and sump. Engine mounts, bolts, and block threads cleaned up and fitted.

Top Axle to Chassis rail mounts cleaned of and painted black, ready to be fitted.


24th Oct. Stripped brake servo and master cylinder, master cylinder corroded.

Car loom unravelled and loosely fitted to the car. Needs a lot of attention.


25th Oct. Master servo, cleaned up and fresh paint applied.

Flywheel cleaned up.

12 and 13th Nov. Removed old front axle and anti-roll bar. What a mess that is in Lower wishbone bent and a few of the bolts going in to shear. I will get round to blasting ang cleaning up at a later date. Bought loads of Waxoyl to spray in the wheel wells etc. before I fit my front axle.

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That looks well smart cant wait to see it up close and personal stick in there mate.

Thanks for comment, I am looking (hoping :unsure: ) at March/April 2012 to get it rolling under it's own steam. Glad I have got most of my bits now, as the pennies are getting tight, especially with xmas on it's way.

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I had a bit of a diary going on my old laptop RIP :( before I broke it, and was going to copy and paste on to here, including photos. I will have to try and recover it all at a later date. To top it off my camera on the phone is playing up.

Quick update.

1. Front Axle refitted poly bushed (thanks TJM for the kits)

2. Clutch fitted engine and gearbox mated and fitted in to the car, now needs plumbing in. (thanks Kev for the clutch kit)

3. Should get my rear axle back from powdercoating next week (only 12 months :o )

4. Should get Silicon hoses manufactured this week.

5. I have refitted original wing mirrors due to money and time restraints, will change at a later date.

6. Fuel Tank coated internally with Slosh Tank seal kit. (very messy, and went off quicker than expected :wacko: )

7. Replacement loom fitted (thanks Snapper09).

I will try and get some photos up of the progress ASAP.


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