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Manta Coupe. Cosworth Engine. Eps, 265, Hartges.

Kevin Abbott

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As I can't find ( after plenty of searching ) my project thread and with the old one being all messed up due to it being an old thread I will start again :)

I bought the car 12 years ago and set about the task of buying and fitting a cosworth engine and box

Opel Manta coupe, the best shell I have had in 20 years and owned by a lady and the car had only 40 thousand miles on the clock

Back in the day digital cameras didn't exist so I have no pics of it as it was 😢

Hey ho..... cosworth engine added and t5 box


manta i240 bodykit from the best in the country( rallytech)


T5 box a bit long for the manta so I sierra tunnel added although I now may go back to a getrag 265 and manta tunnel 😢


Manta pcd is 4x100 and I wanted 5 x120 so hubs changed to monza with manta bearings custom made at a cost of 200 quid so I could pick and choose bmw rims

These are harge split rims


Other rims to consider are these which seem to fill the arch better


The roof on a manta is rubbish so I cut it off and added a non sunroof one



And lead fill


Manta brakes, deathwish so m3 discs and integralle calipers


RS500 intercooler tucked into nose


cage added


manta steering is always really heavy( honestly it can be a 2 hand job just to turn and that leaves no hands for stirring the box :-X) on a lowered car so I added corsa b column power steering


Then I added EPS

Corsa b column


Remove the outer collapsable top part of the corsa bit


You are left with


Don't hit the end of the spline as I did or the spline end will come off


I will be putting a blob of weld on mine to hold the 2 parts together as the top part with the manta bit added will not collapse now anyway, the reference for the amount to stick out is 85mm for the top part


Take your manta column and remove the inside part


What I was trying to do was keep the columns the same length so the inner part was my reference point


Take the outside of the manta column and chop it into 3 pieces


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Giving away my mancona and seeing Johns project gave me a kick up the arse.


Iv'e never liked the T5 and sierra tunnel... Yuk



After a little googling I found out the RS500 Touring cars used a Getrag box, the 265 :rolleyes:

I have a couple lying around so what the hell.


265 monza box, yea :D

Need to join the two


Ali adaptor ( cheers Cliff )


Cut big hole in T5 bellhousing


10 hours of measuring and measuring and measuring and swarf everywhere


That's just together, not bolted up yet, spigot not done

Spigot was a PITA, tried getting it out of the cossie ... Arrrrrghhhhhh, ended up welding a nut to the race and drifted it out


New oilite bearing fitted ( thank's Rutts ) after boiling it in oil



It went a different colour


Info, Sierra cosworth spigot bearing outer is 21mm, inner 14mm

Manta outer 21mm, inner 15mm

I needed a 21OD, 12ID


Lots of angle measurements later as I had built a stand for the YB to sit the engine at 4 degree to Exhaust and the box had to be level


Bolted up



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Post is a bit topsy turvy due to me not being able to add more pictures to the first bit

I now have a ' Martin' 400 kit for it and hope to bring the car home next week.

Loads of new stuff bought for it

Thank's to Rutts I have an original tunnel to go back into it too

You want the top outer part to be 180mm


That part slips over the inner of the corsa bit


These two parts will be welded together

Make room to get at the bolts


This will now take the manta multi switchgear and wheel in the same place as a standard car


Bottom part of the column

Take the inner shaft from the manta and split it then cut the bottom part down to 315mm



Take the bottom part of the outer of the manta column and bolt it to the floor, mine hasn't got a bearing in as it will be blasted and a new one fitted

Column will now bolt into place as the original



It fits in the bay as the standard one does

I got the column myself so removed lots of wiring and got the fuseholer that was standard in the car


I settled on the 4ha mega axle as used by scimitar, jaguar and aston martin as it is unbreakable ;)

Pic is a 4ha compared to a 400 type axle


I removed the axle from a scimitar gte and it was a 4 hour fight, at the end of it the bloke who owned the yard felt sorry for me and carried it to my volvo :)

PCD on the hub is 4x108 and I need 5x 120 so I went out and got a set of geometry school stuff, plotted the center of the scimitar and the bmw and transfered it onto graph paper


So after a plug on one hole


And a weld then grind flat


The 5x120 can be drilled


I had to add a milled surface for the back of the stud parallel to the hub so I got a counter bore drill


It did this


Studs in and ready for the wheels


I am removing the links from the 4ha and replacing them with 400 type ones


This is the xjs axle that is hiding the 4ha LSD. The only axle I have ever had to take apart with a sledgehammer



Sorry Peter, i sold the rebuilt ZF I had on it.

Engine mounts are done,


Other side harder to see as I had to use a cosworth 4x4 oil filter extension


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  • 3 months later...

Car is now home again :rolleyes:


Engine and box are out so i can look at replacing some of the parts i have changed to suit a different intercooler and rad.


Rad crossmember to be replaced with a new one ( thank's Robbie)



Horrible tunnel to be cut out and replaced with a manta one


This rear quarter has to go, i was going to do an internal filler but now it's not allowed they say for a MOT so i have a new rear quarter to go on



Under seat mount rail to be changed


I have chucked the 400 kit at the car and it's ok but not as good as the Trevor Lewis 240 kit i sold, slight gaps but this can be sorted.

I may have stored it with slight stress on the panels?


One of the 3 different sets of wheels i need to choose from, rev 16x9


Nice kit


So jobs at weekend are to remove rad crossmember and start removing the lead from the rear quarter and completely remove that

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Power steering video test

The motor needs turning 180 degree as in mickappys car

Can't embed it so here's a link to click


Looking in the boot for the first time in a while and it's still mint B)


Inside too


Car up onto it's bread tray movers


This one has to come off so it's off with its lead


I'm cutting carefully and in sections as I only have one spare rear quarter!


Looking for spot welds on the window surround


Door pillar ones hard to find


Rear panel edge needs tidying up


This is a tricky bit as it has about 3 different places where the rear quarter joins to it


Can anyone confirm if the fixed rear quarter cars ( as mine is going to be) have this infill piece in the rear window? Or do I remove it?


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Beer and mantas in the garage, a combination made in heaven


Getting the rest of the quarter off I needed access where the spot weld cutter won't reach so I use this


I made a speed controller from a 500w dimmer as I hate using these dangerous things on full


A tricky area


Rear quarter removed and cleaned up the mounting areas



New panel thrown at it and it stuck


Some fine tuning needs doing and a small rust repair at the inner bottom section of the 'b' post and it's out with the spot welder :D

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Hey kev,,ecellent thread mate ,,have enjoyed reading it,,,ref the b post window hinge rubber grommet thingys,,,,theyll need to come out,,,,ive got fixed rear quarter windows,,,,i took them out and fibreglass filled the two holes in each b post,,,cheers the noo

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good work kev, almost a shame ur gunna cut the arch off for the kit:-)

Yep that's a 1000 Euro panel and i'll be chopping it up!

Hey kev,,ecellent thread mate ,,have enjoyed reading it,,,ref the b post window hinge rubber grommet thingys,,,,theyll need to come out,,,,ive got fixed rear quarter windows,,,,i took them out and fibreglass filled the two holes in each b post,,,cheers the noo

Thank's for the heads up about the holes, i'd forgotten they would need filling

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