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"vienna" - Shameless Plug

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Oh chaps, thank you. At this rate nostalgia will get the better of me and I'll keep it.

Happy days (and a lot of great memories to boot).

Mind you, it seems to be going rather well already (and the pubs aren't even closed....)

All the best,


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Thanks Danny and Dave.

Sadly, I've kept it for 18 months longer than I ought to have as it's just sitting there feeling neglected

and simply not being used. Other interests have taken over (4mm scale - Rab will understand) so it has

to go.

If I'd got more storage space, I'd almost certainly keep it as I'll probably never be able to find a better one

in future and with Mantas, as we all know, you can have time off from them, but they do tend to

return eventually.

I've had a morning dodging snowflakes today doing some cleaning and polishing. It's amazing just how much

I've already forgotten about the car. I do hope it sells as it deserves to be used and, I hope, further improved.

Best Wishes,


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Hi Steve,

Sorry, our posts crossed there. I'd love you to have it too.

I take it in November there may be wedding bells ringing out (almost) in the Wash?

Congratulations indeed to you both.

I assume you've got a nice Capri already booked as the wedding car...?! (Runs off to hide!)

All the best,


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Joe,good luck with the sale.

I have known this car from when Joe first owned it and i think it was me that drove it back to Joe's house when he bought it ,all of 200 yards.It is a very solid car and would make a very good project for some one ,it's not your usual rot box and is very solid in all the places that usually go, mainly due to having wheel arch liners fitted from new,and has had alot of money spent on it.

I hope it meets the reserve and you get what you want for it.


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Things seem to be ticking along nicely, with over 100 watchers (mostly from the Club I assume - thanks folks!)

However, I can't quite understand the people who have bid so much for it without asking to come and see it first. I hope they're not disappointed with it if they win.

It might be nice to have a question about the car itself too. I'm somewhat perplexed by what I've been asked so far.

Is this typical of eBay car sales these days?



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Well, just under a day to go and no one has even been to look at the car.

I dropped a clanger with the timing really. It should have finished this afternoon rather than tomorrow when everyone will be back at work, but if it doesn't sell, I'll see about getting it T&T'd and hope that encourages a few more bids.

145 watchers at present, which is fairly encouraging.

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trouble is Joe, many of the watchers will like the idea of a nice manta but have no idea of what it may cost. A few watchers will have an idea of value but may not pounce because they are looking for a bargain. IMO you should start with a price which is close to the desired (by you) price and then see how many watchers you get. Chances are it'll be a lot lower but more chance of a real buyer from it.


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