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10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.


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10/40! That oil is not as fluid as 5/30. You use the car in the summer, so the temperatures are higher; an engine of 1982 will 

have some mileage so 10/40 will keep the oil pressure higher.

We use 5/30 on new engines, the fabrication-tolerances are these days higher than in 1982.


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It depends on the condition of the engine really i wouldnt personally go any thinner than 10w/xx for cold starting and xx/40 should be fine providing the oil pressure when hot doesnt drop below 0.5 bar at idle otherwise xx/50.   

So thats 10w/40.          15w/40.     20w/50

not quite sure about 20w/40 never used it in a car ,thought it was motorcycle oil but if its good mineral oil cant see any reason not ?

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In my opinion (what its worth) for most of us paying the extra doesn't give us anything more than empty pockets quicker!

Am I right in saying that any 10W/40 oil that is ACEA accredited should be OK? What about Castrol GTX? or Halfords own? does paying the extra premium for the word "racing" or top brands give us more than a nice can or bottle to stick on the garage shelf? I think we all change our oil a lot more than we need to. In mine I'm not caning the shite out of my car and I'm changing once a year on a 3000 mile limited mileage policy so I would probably get away with most oils as after 3000 miles they would have retained most of their quality.

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