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Door Glass Guide

Chris M

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Hi. Can anyone please remind what the possible issue is with having this piece missing from the door glass. I discussed it with David from Mantasport but that was months ago and I have forgotten what his words of wisdom were😔. I have seen you can get remade ones from Germany for 30 quid which seems reasonable. Should it be replaced and what do they actually do. Thanks 


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I had the same with both my Manta's. Suddenly they just fall in pieces... Those black "things" guide your window, I bought new ones from internet, those sets of 30 quid you mentioned.

Edelschmiede sells them:


But I think if someone has got a 3d printer they can replicate them a lot cheaper...There is also a topic somewhere on this forum about those parts.

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Yeh always thought a 3d printer could sort them.

Weirdly, think the early b, and maybe cavaliers had harder plastic ones, and the later was low grade rubber which disintegrated and usually falls into the door, probably blocking a door drain.

My 2x B has the original ones, 

I think they are only a window guide on final rise of window, when it is fully up, and holds window at bottom corner, maybe it also stops wind noise.

Bought some yrs ago, think they where £7 a set from reprotec, see packaging on link above

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They help firm up the window when its fully up to reduce wind noise.

The plastic guide on the bottom of the glass goes inside the channel and pushes the glass against these to make the glass firm inside the door. Without them when the window is fully up it can move outwards breaking the seal with the window rubber.

A club member 'TheGeneral' has 3d printed some and was testing them on his car before offering them for sale at less than the reprotec ones.

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21 hours ago, garymanc said:



On 25/10/2020 at 17:58, Jessopia74 said:

100% like for like fit mate?

Yes straight in, I removed the door card to make it easier except I lost the little clip that holds the window winder handle on, as you do 😩

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