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Red Mantas On Ebay

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The 1987 hatch was mine for 13 years and i was owner number 5 i think. i sold it to a guy from great yarmouth and he sold it to a guy up north ive seen it on e bay i believe 3 times now so its had another 3 owners in a year as i sold it at the end of last july his description is acurate part of the reason i sold it as i had no where to keep it and really needed the money . i lost heart and parked it up after i got ripped of for a crap respray after id spent ages making the body solid and it really is it would just need the paint sorting . it not a gen 44 thousand as i changed the engine ,originally it was a 1.8 and at the time i was given a complete rot box of a gte so i converted it . i really would like it to go to a club member as it deserves it. the o/s chassis rail must have been repaied by now because it was showing signs of age . but i know 100 percent the n/s one it solid as when i got the car in 1996 that and the nosecone had been replaced as due to an accident when i sold it it was all still very solid as i hardly had it on the road . i also fitted a new gen rear end panel . these repairs i can guarantee . he says in the ad he has lots of vauxhall reciepts that is right because then back in 2000/2002 i bought what i coud for it from vauxhall.th_Picture202.jpg


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Quite intersting to see such a variance in Manta prices, very intersting to see a knackered old red 'B' not sell at £405.00, Lets get real here, just to replace the front bumper is going to cost yet alone to source the correct trim and associated parts to fit correctly. Value of that car should have been around £200 tops in my book.

Also I have always been dubious of cars advertised "Full recent respray" as the tidy red hatch advertised would have had one at some point and further down the line the paint finish had turned out to be crap, very seldom do people pay for a "FULL" respray, full respray should cost £2000 upwards to be done properly, no-one is gonna spend £2k on a car before selling it.

Good to see good cars reflecting good prices, but as I've always said........ Good cars reflect good prices, 5h1te cars should reflect 5hite prices, but there always have been the fools that think their scrap is worth a fortune.......

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