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A Billing Build


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Well its 12 month since i joined the club and im hooked ,i know i sold the first A but it was just too good to modify plus needs must.Well managed to get rid of a yellow piece of MG crap i bought thank god and the A is in its place at the unit and the work has started.Plan is total strip down ,replace the auto box with manual 5 speed,2.4 lump with either throttle bodies or bike carbs ,uprated brakes and a respray all for Billing (i hope)













Will get some more pics up as i go along this week :D

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Alright Mick,

Did you manage to get that MG shifted then?


Oh yes it drove me mad and half bald ,i would definately say no if anyone tryed giving me one for free . :lol:

That does not look in too bad a nick. Good luck with the work, if it all goes to plan there could be a few "new" A's at Billing next year.

Looking forward to it ,nice too see them :D

I seem to remember saying the same thing and missed by a year and a half. Good luck with the project


Cheers ,thinking of moving into unit to make sure its done :lol:

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Good luck you crazy man :lol: Your Wife must be missing you by now!

Sod the MG get that bloody alfa shifted :D

Cheers Kev , i think wifes got used to being single again.Lad coming up this weekend to do some work on the Alfa so he can take it for test and its not coming back for repairs WHEN it fails.Looking forward to the space :thumbup

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Just a few more pics of progress so far

Looks like a manta scrappers









Shiny bits




Hopefully will nail the welding over the next week or so and then i can stonechip and paint the underside.Looks like the wife better get used to bed being cold again :D:thumbup

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Well a week of welding turned into two months thanks to previous (repairs?)being a total botch job.Repaired front valance with half a sheet of steel and a roll of mig wire as couldn't bare to part with money.Got all the welding done ,underneath in stone chip and body coloured.Will bang some pics on tomo :thumbup

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Looks absolutely fantastic thumbsup.gif Great project !

Also i think that this project really shows that even though the car is looking like its in good shape, this is really the right time to strip it down, and give it a makeover. Waiting will just make everything worse wink.gif

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