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87 Gt Hatch, 16 Valve Project


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Well, I cant find my really old topic on this manta........ must have been lost in the big move all those years ago.

Ive had this red Hatch for 6 years now :o and I felt its time to give her some power.

It went from a standard 1.8 to a 2.0 ohc engine 2/3 years ago. Engine taken from a Cav SRi, and still used the 1.8 weber carb.


It spends 6 months of the year under cover in my workshop, away from the salty british roads. The other 6 months on the road its used and abused. Mainly abused by towing my 2 berth caravan to various car shows or going to the Dutch manta shows in Holland. Now its time to take the tow bar off decommission from towing for good. Its a good tow car dont get me wrong, shows up a lot of modern crap on the motorways, but i just cant bare to think what that 1ton caravan is doing to my rear chassis legs.

And now.........

Let the 16valve treatment begin!! Heres the engine I bought (in a car)


And yesterday I begun butchering this corsa to get the engine out..


Watch this space!

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The more I look at this Engine the more it bugs me. Is that a "dispack" on the back of the engine? Im planning on modifying the bulk head a small amount to assist with gearbox top bolt access and water hose.... But ive just bought a dissy bracket to run the 1800 distributor......... First mistake? :unsure:

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If you're planning to run injection then you have no need of the bracket or a front mounted dizzy. Just relocate the coilpack a little and everything fits in the engine bay of the manta.

But if you're going to run carbs you'll either need to use the bracket and a front mounted dizzy.

Or invest in an aftermarket ignition system and use the existing sensors on the engine and just add a throttle sensor to the carbs, then you can have fully mapped ignition to help get the best out of the carbs. It'll cost more but will give a much better performing engine.

Oh and if you front mount the dizzy you don't need to blank the rear of the head as the cam sensor thats there already does that.

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So I set to ripping this corsa apart. The sooner its broke the better. Removed the back axle for Charlie Middleton and started taking front hubs and shafts off to remove the F20 box. I also took the whole exhaust system off, because its something else to sell, and I wanted to search the cylinder head for possible famous words.....

Took all the exhaust off


Got the whole car up on stands for ease


Had a look around the cylinder head............ to find this!


No porus head issues! Is the only difference in the standard head to the coscast head the porus issue?

Tomorrow, engine comes out......

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I did some work on Del Boy's Green Exclusive, this had an XE on twin 40 Webers, simple yes but difficult to fit as the fouled the brake servo/master cylinder. i cut and recessed a servo and del fitted a remote fuild reserviour and extra short trumpets, still couldn't get air filters on them.

The engine was standard internally, ( i know because i helped rebuild it after it bent all 16 valves, what a mess !! ) and when properly ( and expensively ) set up by Nortampton motorsport it made 175 bhp, with good drivabilty though perhaps not quite as fexible as an XE on original injection.

Think it would actually be easier to stick with the injection, ther is plenty of information 'out there' from both within this club and beyond to help you get your Manta up and running.

Get it sort and in september Natalia might be posing on your bonnet.........

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lol, Ian.... does Natalia still cross your mind? She does mine, from time to time!! hahahaha. Yes, think I'll keep the injection for this year to get it running. If it goes well.... And just to put your mind at rest Ian, there will be a "stand-by" 1.8 engine ready to go back in this car..... if i feel the need ;)

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'does natalia still cross your mind?'

qutie often i still find myself replaying the events of 'that night' in my mind, i'm sure i will remember Dennis and Natalia and thier antics as long as i am drawing breath !!!

I think you should plan on keeping the injection long term, the only reason to go for carbs is chasing higher power outputs, but if if remember correctly Del's Manta was a diasater on fuel consumption, didn't really matter as it only came out for local shows but if you plan on doing more milage it is a consideration especially as fuel has gone up 5p a litre in last two weeks

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your engine is already fitted with blue injectors and a 3 bar fuel pressure regulator so only mod would be a good chip for ecu. they do make a bit of difference not too much and fuel economy will be as kev says 30 mpg easily.

only misconception is the coscast head wont go porus ?? they do seen lots with same issue at local machine shop. no head goes porus they get a crack in the water to oil gallery between centre head bolts if you let them boil up or get over enthuisiastic putting the head on and over tighten the bolts. its an easy fix that can be done in a few hours removing the head to do it correctly.

lots of guys around to give you a hand i am sure only thing you will need is a wire to fuel pump to connect to xe loom then a couple of more wires and it runs easy peasy.

its true about the exhaust manifolds i had to cut and shut mine to fit nicely see price of retro ones will fit correctly first time. wish i had !!

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just had a look at yr thread here! (after all the pm's! )

really good news that you by pure chance got a dis pack engine! The ecu on these is different and the loom a little too, its the one you want for the job, as it will all fit keeping the heater etc with no alteration.

If its this you are wanting wiring up then it's a doddle really not a big job.

You'll want a lambda boss welding into the manifold after the last collector ideally, as they use it for idle and light throttle fuel trim.

We've put a fair few of these dis pack engines into rwd stuff, mainly chevettes and kadetts. always a good result! Stick with the std injection and see what its like would be my view

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good job steve, good to see a corsa cut up for parts for a proper car

does that engine have the pot type flywheel ,if you need a flat type flywheel i have one here you can have if you collect it, will need cleaning up as its been outdoors for a while

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To be honest I was trawling EvilBay for engines. Cheepest I found was 250 for engine and f20 box, that looked like it had been dragged round a scrap yard for a few weeks, completely untested. I put a bid on this car and so far from selling other bits off it I have made half of what it owes me back! And I was able to make sure this was a running/driving engine before ripping it out....

I just need to get my head round the loom in the corsa because the c20xe loom has been chopped into the 1.2 loom. It all needs doing asap so I can weigh the shell in and get another car in the garage!


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