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Hi Ross, to post pictures on here you can 'drag' them from another window but there is a 2.44mb size limit.

 You can resize them before attempting to drag them onto your post but i always find it hard to get this right, i still post my pictures the old way, host them on photobucket first then use the 'insert other media' button at the bottom right to copy the url and link the picture into my post

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When you get you photo to that drop box thingy, look for a copy option, it could be a share option, or if you got a phone etc, select image or double click it, or hold control c, then go to omoc, and hit control v. C is copy, v is paste.  You can edit you post, until you get it right. Its like riding a bike!

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If you did decide on some quads then I do have a pair of the frames which I'm sourcing some new lamps for. Once I've got them, then I would straight swap for the squares if it was of interest.

Great looking coupé, I like the 400 'touch' that the door decals give it and that ties it in nicely with those wheels. The Manta decal on the front bumper looks a bit out of place though.

Would it be rude to ask what you paid for it or would you rather not say? :-D

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On ‎21‎/‎01‎/‎2016 at 6:20 PM, Thebishop said:




Here are the pics of my new motor, we'll still in transit. And I finally figured out how to send pics.

Really nice manta mate you,ve done well to bag such a nice example:thumbup.the revolutions just make it and would not look as good without,are they the 8" wide ones any idea of et/offset,would love to know as comtemplating these for mine black center's with diamond cut rim:wub:.or can anyone hazzard a guess on the size going by how there more than filling the arches:D




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