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Manta Graveyard

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7 hours ago, Danny D114BCW said:

I wonder what the story was behind these cars? I always find it very strange why people let cars get like that even if they have memories in a car etc? why let it sit and rot to look horrible?

Danny, I agree with you on this, I just don't get the thinking of some people.  A friend recently passed along this photo of three Opel GT's rotting away in Northern Ontario.



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Re the Manta graveyard, Multiple issues are at work here, firstly by the late 80’s early to mid 90’s depreciation had  hit rock bottom, rust, welding or engine repairs would cost more than the cars worth, plus by the end of 1988 the Manta was old news, the new Vauxhall calibra was being launched and it did make the Manta look old and tired ( from day one of launch I didn’t like the calibra as much still preferring the Manta ) . From the early nineties in came a host of standard kit like ABS brakes, electric windows, Air conditioning, ESP, which was a big leap forward in car comfort and safety, the scrapage  schemes seen a lot of old school motors disappear as well, I feel this made owners fall out of love with the Manta, BUT the true Manta nuts laid their cars up in garages and lock ups keeping some examples safe and away from the breakers and now thanks to these lads we still have survivors today 👍

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On 27/02/2020 at 14:33, Monaco Blue said:

Somewhere local to Haverfordwest. Exact location wasn't mentioned.

I think that’s we’re Julian lives iirc

Might treat the girlfriend to a day out in Haverfordwest when we go to Tenby later this year 🤣

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