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2.0e replace fuel pump mounting rubbers


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I have been trying to remove what's left of the fuel pump mount bobbings can someone confirm that the body work side is a fixed nut  so it just screws in ? as I don't have anything to get hold of just a round flat base 







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Cheers guys as I don't have a welder will go for Pete's idea drill and extract will go on eBay and get a extractor set the other way I thought of was Dremel a slot and use a screwdriver bit both would be handy tools for the future only went to do this as my 2 year old braided hose started leaking on that 90deg turn from pump to pulse damper Finnished that job to find that another hose had started leaking lesson learned and I have ordered some gates barricade to replace the lot.

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4 hours ago, hoobby said:

Cheers guys as I don't have a welder will go for Pete's idea 

Your welcome to borrow my MIG welder Graeme. Its got flux cored wire loaded in, so you wouldn't even need to worry about buying gas.

Its here if you want it matey :thumbup

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Well there out old school style hacksaw blade, screwdriver,mole grips and maximum effort took a hour not too badly corroded back there but very stubborn fought me to the last turn


Now for the new with copper slip


No more cable ties ☺️



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2 hours ago, execman said:

hi Hooby,

i bought a set of these last year from the same firm, but have yet to install them. let me know how you get on fitting yours so I have an idea on what to expect when I come do mine.


Hi execman the only advice I would give is don't do it like I did my shoulders still hurt as said above weld a nut on or drill and stud extract and soak in penetrating fluid over a couple of days.


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