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Project Rumble B


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Well, some of you have seen this before but for those that dont know it i will give brief details ;)

1976 B series Coupe non sunroof model. Bought about 18months ago (probably longer than that actually) Had big plans to drop a ford 2.9 V6 in but lost interest in the conversion so sold that and now im sticking with the CIH engine i have gathering dust in the garage.

Its been sat on its side for a long time now waiting for the weldathon that begun friday evening!



So then. I have no welding skills what so ever. Ive never touched a car before with a welder, so i gave it a go on friday evening/night and did this.


Quality of picutres is crap :(

And then made a start cutting the o/s sill off.


to find some dodgey items lurking around


Might have another blast with the welder this afternoon.... :o

Any tips or advise on welding etc greatly appreciated!

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It's been a while since I've seen anything like that, in fact about 1990 when we put two ramps on the floor, a door across them so it sloped, a mattress on top and tipped my mates MK2 Escort on to it with about 4 person power.

Then propped it up by pulling my Kadett C hatch up to it so it's nudge bar pushed on the Escort crossmember. Figured an Escort on the bonnet was better than on my head.

Good work getting on with it.

Most important things are to clean up the metal in advance and cut back to good solid metal, both of which you appear to be doing.

Go and have a look at www.mig-welding.co.uk reading a little about torch handles and settings can help technique a lot and made a positive difference.

Most of all don't give up and remember you can always grind down any biits you don't like and go over it again.

Welding new steel practive pieces to improve on the bench at easy angles to get familiar is also good before trying awkward angles.

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Thanks for the Advice Mantadoc.

Had another go this afternoon. Im getting the hang of it suprisingly!



Not quite finished along the top, need to dress up some parts but overall not bad. Test fitted new sill and it marries up ok.

New choice of wheels?


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Once this bits done i will need to take the drivers door off to cut part of the old sill off. which is gonna be a task with it being on its side. Either that or i'l just leave most and cut around the door hahaha.

Cant wait to get back at it, i was enjoying myself earlier! I only need to make about 3 inches of chassis rail on the swan neck as most of it is still there. Just need to make a new section of outer on this side.

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Well, i gave in and sent the b series to some guys up in manchester.

Full rear panel and boot floor done



O/S inner and outer sill done


O/S floor done


More to come.

Front o/s lower A pillar done, All my old practice welding removed :unsure:



this bit of floor still work in progress


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Well, i gave in and sent the b series to some guys up in manchester.

I did something similar with mine, I bought all the welding and metal gear. Everytime I repaired a portion of the car, another bit corroded, I gave up the ghost and turned to someone with a lot more skill, patience and time to repair the shell.

Looking good and what work you had done was very good :thumbup

I hope to get some piccies of mine to restart my thread.

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Yeah mines pretty rotten, but not bad enough to scrap. It took me over 2 years to do a few patches so just wanted to get it solid!

It is bad enough to scrap but not that bad. I've seen worse.

13 - 15 years ago many of us were rendering better cars down for parts. (Im my case hatchbacks so I don't feel it is a crime at all)

Why Rumble B?

Mmmmmmmmmmmm how about gold with the Charger style bumble bee stripe

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A very good tip when replacing sheetmetal on cars is to do a card board muckup. Simply use a piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors and mold and cut etc until it fits and looks like the original part. After that you straighten it out, and it gives you a precise show of what piece of sheet metal you should be preparing.

Its difficult to explain so heres a little vid of it laugh.gif

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Well, it's back from welding.

Still got a few patches to finish off which weren't covered within my budget.

First job now is to fully clean up and finish the engine bay off ready for some red oxide primer!

I'l get some picks up tonight!

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After a bit of inspiration at billing, work has commenced once again!

Took the front axle off last night as one unit. God I hate those swan neck chassis bolts! They never come out easily! Pictures to come tonight. :)

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