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I feel a project coming on


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Been having a clearout of bits n bobs and vehicles recently. cos I knew this was coming,,,,,,

Feel a bit of a project coming on





As there are a few people on here now that don't know me and what I'm possibly gonna do with this car, then have a look at my last Manta project that started life 10 times a worse state than this on, in fact the current shell is absolutely STORMING

Here is my last finished project




This time however I will not be going V8 but a totally different route altogether, also I have pretty much everything i need to complete this car including a choice of engines and boxes, superb interior, etc, etc, only thing i'm going to need to shell out for is possibly a few hoses, paint and perhaps some easier to fit discs than the Calibra turbo ones i have here,, (5 stud fixing)

Hoping this is going to move fast, as the new roof that has been fitted needs paint on it immediately coupled with the a and c pillars etc etc.

And only about half a days welding needed on this unless I go engine route "B" :thumbup

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Leve the exterior like that mate - Vdubbers call it rat-look or something like

I CAn't wait to see what engine's going in :thumbup

I bet you CAn't mate, :thumbup and currently hoping it is going to be the one you think, and due to a pretty big upturn in my life I may just have the cash spare to SERIOUSLY upgrade it too, that is IF that engine goes in with minimal trans tunnel and bulkhead mods.....

Just know it is gonna turn into a pig.

No Garymanc.....

LET's are a bit too common really mate, and are ridiculous amounts of cash coupled with even more ridiculous amounts of cash to tune......

And yes Robbie, it is a damn damn good shell, and quite nice to actually get hold of something like this, as it means I don't have to go stripping and binning all the kn4akered up old B series interior panels and parts etc. which all takes time.... this is a total bare shell excepting doors, bonnet glass and bootlid

Paul dude, I loved the colour of the Nissan "Cherry Red metallic" and just think this colour is going to suit a GTE style Manta down to the ground, but it will need a few very very minor mods to make this seem to be a oneness with the car.

Like i could always see the finished V8 in my minds eye i see this as a finished car too, not going to be as headturning a car as the V8 ever was but should be a smooth clean extremely nice Manta when finished

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Cherry red, like your style.

deep dish alloys ? (two tone silver/black)

You.ve got it mate :thumbup

Not 100% sure about the black though as it may be a little too much, I know that the anthracite type colour rims that i had on the SX suited it a treat. Time will tell.

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Clive I think you spray your own motors like some of us, before you decide on the colour check u can get metallic paint if thats the way you are going, its almost impossible to get in 2 pack now, solid colours you can get easy enough, better to get the paint sooner rather than later with these new water based paints

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Nice one Clive :thumbup

Can't wait to see what masterpiece you create this time :bow

I've got a set of new calibra spira-groove 284mm disc's that are modded for alloy spacers sat in my garage if they're of any use to you. I'm sticking to the 16v ones as i have such a good selection of 14" wheels and tyres for my road rally car.

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That sounds interesting Clive, I think I'll have to pay you another visit soon.

Give me a ring so we can arrange a day/time to drop off the bits of yours I have. (My phone no. is on your customer file before you say you haven't got it)!

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Well when we had some good weather for me to get stuck into this I was busy breaking the Nissan due to the lorry that wrote it off.......

What an absolute bast that was.... "Hello mate have you got this bit of thing off of your Nissan please" after taking 5 hours to get "bit of thing" off of car it was a case of "No worries mate I've got one now" b1.jpg

Anyway finally got stuck into this.

Replaced the steering column and UJ along with the all new dash to suit the Chicago grey interior.

Welded up the drivers footwell, weren't a great deal to see there and we've all seen footwell being welded up pictures before.

Blended in the drivers side C pillar as car has had new roof fitted (not by me)

Welded in the roof brace and a smaller roof brace which had not been fitted.

Then tackled the drivers rear wheel arch.

In typical 'B' series stylee, if there were chrome trims on this it wouldn't have looked too bad (prospective ebay purchasers for 'B's take note.

Exactly as I expected the corrosion had spread halfway up the flat of the wheel arch (approx 8-10mm) and gone no further, was bad towards the lower arch towards the front of the car and not too far gone at the lower arch towards the rear of the car.

Inner arch lip was pretty much tissue paper, but really needed some bits of this left in for me to align the repair section up with.



Tried not to use the whole arch section as I did not want to cut into the swage line of the quarter panel, as I did do once before and getting the shape back was an absolute bast




on the above pic the new arch section has been joggled along its edge and fitted beneath the quarter panel, I then used about 15 self tappers to pull the arch repair section flush with the quarter panel, in some places it didn't fit too/pull in too well, so it was a case of removing the section and either extra bit o' joggling and or grinding, time consuming but well worth a properish repair.

The idea is, you really need as little filler as possible, which if the metal fits good then you should need minimal filler.


above pic shows the new section welded into place.

I start with a few spots/tacks from the centre of the arch leading outwards to the lower arch then more tacks doing the same again.

Then I start running 6mm / 1/4" stitches btween the tacks, never do I weld closer than 12" from the last weld/tack stitch too allow as little heat build up as poss. edit.... poss a bit less than 12", well any women reading this will know what us men are like


And above is the arch with a skim o' filler on and some paint to stop the elements getting at it, still a lot of work to do on this arch but a good start to the welding/body repairs methinks, and the car is starting to look like a car again especially with a decent wheel in the arch,,,, shame about the ride height but that will get sorted in time

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TBH Chris that engine would have looked so damn sweet in the Manta engine bay, but gearbox prob coupled with SCARY electrics for the management system meant that it would have gone into a time consumong expensive project, as I reckon I would have been looking at aftermarket engine management.

Engine and box etc, has all now been sold, still miss the SX though, possibly the cheapest car I've ever had, cost me £1200, got £1000 back from breaking it, and bought 2 tyres and a starter motor for it in the space of 2 years driving.

Can't be bad, Hence I really wanted a Nissan again for daily use.

Thanks for the comments fella's, hoping to get some more bits 'n' bobs done over the next few weeks, ideally I would like the arches finished get it into my factory unit asap to paint the roof, rear quarters, rear panel, scuttle and door shuts.

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