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Photo Gallery Of Billing 2015.


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For those of you who could not attend Billing this year and do not use Face Book, here are a selection of photos that have been uploaded to the club Face Book page by club members. Enjoy.














Dave Boulton (Rapierdave) James Coghlan (Stradacab)


Chris Burt (chrisb) Simon Pecham (simonp) Mick Maher (maher the hermit)

















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Is it at all possible to put any names to the members in these photos? it would be great to have a picture in ones mind,of someone who at some time you may be sending a PM or an email to, no need to show me what The Hairy Member looks like, I have met that Handsome looking Gentleman a few times!!!

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Of the pics of my car posted, you had to choose the one of its arrival on the back of a recovery truck  :angry:   :lol:  :lol:

Ha! I took that when I was on booking in duty. The legendary moment when Shug turned up with his "Increasingly Solid A project"

This has been threatened for as long as I can remember (but at least 2008) and you made it! Excellent, even if it was on a truck. Persevere and you will get there.

Great Mantaray for pulling this all together for those that don't FB and are not part of that group. Interesting that in previous years that most of these would have originated here but FB's upload gives the chance to do it as it happens. That debate is already running elsewhere on the forum.

Probably the best weekend for variety and content for about 4 years with some fantastic new members ( some of whom have come to us via FB) and new cars. And I'm just talking about our field!

Lots of doom-mongers talking about the magazine, Facebook, the decline of the forum but when it comes to the cars and the people just look at what we turned out. If you take a look at the other single make clubs around the site I think you would struggle to find anyone else who fielded so many cars. I think the OMOC is alive and well irrespective of the platform you use to get your Manta fix.

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Of the pics of my car posted, you had to choose the one of its arrival on the back of a recovery truck  :angry:   :lol:  :lol:


Shug, at lest you made it and drove most of the way. Mine is still in the garage, so your one step ahead of me!!

Watch out as i will be coming next year!!


Some nice pics.



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Very impressive turnout this year, even on the friday I noticed a lot of Mantas there and Saturday put on a fabulous display. For the first time ever after waiting all my life I finally had a Manta of my own to take to Billing and I am thinking about getting a good camera to take round next year instead of my phone and take some decent pictures. 

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Thanks for posting up Chris, I'm not a FB fan, so hadn't seen any pics and didn't take many. Good to see these, thank you.

Stradacab, spot on mate, very well said indeed, I was really impressed with Saturdays turnout, lets hope there's more again next year. Was my first time in 5 years, so good to see so many there.

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Cheers for uploading chris,great gathering of mantas and more besides. :thumbup  love the nova sports and the yellow/black gte kadett,and also the red commodore. B)

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Great set of photos Chris, could only get there for a few hours on Sunday, just before it rained of course. Good to see a big turnout again so congrats due to all who made it and especially the organisers who made it happen. Also big thanks to all who voted for my car in my absence.

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